How Arid Bilge Systems Work

How Arid Bilge Systems Work

Does Your Boat Look Like This? With CAFs Dry Bilge It Could Look Like This.
aridbilge_brochure_doesyourboat1 aridbilge_brochure_doesyourboat2
Wet Bilge
Looks Bad And Smells Worst
Dry Bilge
Looks And Smells Totally Clean
A wet bilge causes mold and mildew
to grow.
aridbilge_brochure_preserver1 aridbilge_brochure_preserver2 In a dry bilge, mold
and mildew can’t grow.
A wet bilge causes paint to flake and parts to rust. aridbilge_brochure_engine1 aridbilge_brochure_engine2 In a dry bilge, paint will stay and engines won’t rust.
A wet bilge causes aluminum to pit. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA aridbilge_brochure_steel2 In a dry bilge, aluminum and other surfaces will be preserved.
This Is Not A Healthy Boat. This Is A Healthy Boat.