Arid Bilge Systems


Arid Bilge is a sleek and simple vacuum bilge system that is guaranteed to keep bilges 100% dry.  Its 2 different models can dry anywhere from 2 to 8 compartments at once.

An odor-free and dry boat is a comfortable and reliable boat.  With Arid Bilge, the source of odors, mold, mildew and humidity is eliminated.  Machinery is less prone to rust and electrical components are less likely to fail.  Leaks are easy to detect.  Hull osmosis, pitting and rotting are prevented and paint is less likely to flake.

Arid Bilge eliminates the need for harsh bilge cleaning chemicals and dehumidifiers.  Boaters with sensitive lungs will appreciate the natural onboard air.

Installing the Arid Bilge System will boost the resale value and increase the overall health of your boat, keeping it in a young, clean and seaworthy state.

Arid Bilge has been tried and tested onboard powerboats, sailboats, old boats and new boats.  The system works with all different hull materials such as fiberglass, wood, aluminum and steel.  It is easy to install as a DIY project or by a professional installer.