SCR 2400

SCR 2400

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Marine vessels are notorious for odors caused by mold, mildew, heads, holding tanks and engine rooms.  AAS has the solution to control these odors using safe and effective, Cold Plasma Ion technology.

What Can Cold Plasma Do For You?

Cold plasma needlepoint ionization, in its simplest form, are oppositely charged hydrogen and oxygen ions, known as bi-polar ionization.  These naturally occurring atmospheric ions are artificially produced when an adequately high voltage is applied to a sharp point.  The plasma ions, when produced and injected into a moving airstream, breaks down gases to harmless compounds prevalent in the atmosphere such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide.  In addition to the reduction in gases and odors, plasma also reduces airborne particulates and kills mold, bacteria and virus.

Cold Plasma Kills Virus, Bacteria and Mold (pathogens)

Positive and negative ions (nature’s aerosol detergent) surround the pathogen.  Next the ions rob the pathogen of hydrogen necessary for them to survive.  During the final step, the ions eliminate hydrogen from the pathogen and thus the cleaning process is complete, making the airborne virus, bacteria and mold spores inactive.

Cold Plasma Reduces Airborne Particulates

Positive and negative ions are drawn to airborne particulates by their electrical charge.  Once the ion cluster agglomerates around the particulates, the particles grow, thus increasing filtration effectiveness.

Benefits Include2490e963-4c7b-4ae2-8b78-ce49f02e1e10

  • Reduced Mold and Mildew Odors.
  • Mitigation of diesel fumes in the cabin.
  • Elimination lingering cooking and bilge odors.
  • Reduction of airborne particulates that trigger allergies and asthma attacks.
  • Reduction of airborne bacteria and virus.
  • Mitigation of volatile organic compounds.

Independent Testing

AAS independent testing shows cold plasma kills up to 99.9% of mold.  Testing also shows that cold plasma kills up to 99.6% of pathogens in less than 15 minutes, C.Diff, MRSA, STAPH, E. Coli, Coxsackie Virus, Feline Corona Virus, Serraria Bacterium TB and Norovirus.

Easy to Install

Just mount the system in the HVAC airstream and wire to the HVAC fan motor.

Bread Mold Experiment

Using two sealed plastic containers, that were equipped each with a cup of water and one slice of fresh bread inside. One container is also equipped with an ActiveAir Cold Plasma Ionization device.

After 12 days the bread in the “Ionized” container remained fresh, while the bread in the unprotected container experienced severe mold.

Day 1

Screen shot 2015-10-03 at 2.39.34 PM

Day 12

Screen shot 2015-10-03 at 2.39.59 PM  

“Consider the air you breathe, where you live and play. (In your container)

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